Advanced Security Integration Solutions

If you have driven through a gate security system in Florida, it is likely that it was installed by our team. As the pioneer of automated gate systems in the State of Florida, we are humbled to be considered an expert among security integration companies. As we anticipated other methods of controlling access and active surveillance that could be integrated into automated gate systems, we were continually evolving into a complete security systems integrator. Motivated by providing our customers with the most advanced automated solutions to meet their needs, we continue to be on the forefront of technology and best practices. Our custom solutions range in size and scope from simple, stand-alone solutions like gate operators or custom gates to fully networked gate security, access control, and surveillance systems integrated with GateHouse Solutions® visitor management software.

Florida Gate Operators & Security Systems

Automated Gate Systems

Protect What's Important, Securely

Automated gate security systems control the vehicular access into communities, parking lots, parking garages, personal residences, etc. Depending on the layout of the perimeter fence line and the surrounding terrain, we can help you decide which gate operators and designs best meet your needs.

  • Swing Gates
  • Designed to swing an ornamental gate leaf open and closed within the lane. Typically used in applications with limited room on each side of the traffic lane.
  • Slide Gates
  • Designed to slide an ornamental or chain link gate leaf along the fence line. Typically used in applications with a short lane length and a lot of room along the fence line on each side of the lane.
  • Overhead Gates
  • Designed to lift up and lower down an ornamental gate leaf. Typically used in applications with secure parking garages that have limited room both in the lane and on either side of the lane.
  • Barrier Gates
  • Designed to lift up and lower down a barrier arm at a rapid pace. Typically used in applications with high traffic volume like parking lots and parking garages. Also, used in combination with swing and slide gate operators to prevent tailgating.
System for controlling access from unauthorized people

Access Control Systems

Safety... Exclusively Yours

Access control is a security technique used to physically restrict vehicles and pedestrians from accessing a specific area or asset. Access control systems perform authorization identification, authentication, access approval, and accountability of pedestrians by requiring an approved credential. Keep your community safe while protecting your property from unknown visitors through secure visitor management software.

  • Pedestrian Control
  • Access cards, key fobs, key pads, and biometrics are some technologies typically used in pedestrian applications.
  • Vehicle Control
  • Wireless transmitters, RFID, barcode labels, and telephone entry units are common technologies used to control vehicular access.
video surveillance systems and closed circuit tv

Video Surveillance Systems

Secure Your Property... See it Thrive

With the advent of digital surveillance and micro-miniaturization, along with advances in wireless technology and computer networking, sophisticated video surveillance systems and closed-circuit TV (CCTV) are readily available to businesses, community associations and individuals at an affordable cost.

guard using GateHouse visitor management software

GateHouse Solutions®

Resident and Visitor Management Software Package

TEM System's proprietary GateHouse Solutions® security gate software is the leading technology in managing access to gated communities. The user-friendly guard workstation helps streamline visitor tracking and gate access and the simple and organized design of the administrative workstation helps administrators manage community databases efficiently. Residents will have peace-of-mind that their information is secure and being utilized to proactively manage guest access into their community.

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Remote Guarding for Carolina homes and businesses

Remote Guarding

Active Monitoring > Activity Detected > Agent Reviewed > Event Resolved

TEM Systems has partnered with Edgeworth Security to enhance their 360 degrees of security integration. In a US based UL certified monitoring center, Edgeworth Security’s highly trained agents watch for and stop incidents before they happen. Remote Guarding provides complete premises coverage for clients at a significant cost savings by using state of the art artificial intelligence, high-definition cameras, digital line barriers, access control systems, and their highly trained agents.*

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low voltage wiring for a structured cabling system

Low Voltage Cabling

Turnkey Structured Cabling Solutions

From replacing one cable to installing a complete low voltage cabling system, TEM Systems has the necessary resources to provide a complete “turnkey” solutions. Depending on the size & scope of the project, TEM Systems found it more advantageous for our customers to handle certain cabling services internally and subcontract large installations to our trusted partners. Honestly, it saves us and our customers both time & money by recognizing when it is best to hire our trusted cabling partners. Our cabling partners act as an extension of TEM Systems and provide the same high quality work that customers expect from us, so it’s a “win/win” for everyone.

fabrication of custom gates for FL communities

Custom Gate Fabrication

Florida's Source for the Best Custom Gates

If you can dream it up, then we can fabricate it. We have been in partnership for over 20 years with two of the most talented custom gate fabricators in Florida. Some other companies think they have a competitive advantage by fabricating custom gates in-house, but we know it's in our customer's best interest to partner with our fabricators. Honestly, it's has been an easy decision to continue to outsource the gate fabrication for our customers because they are the most qualified.

access control, gate system and surveillance supplies


Access Control Equipment

We carry a wide range of supplies, such as credentials, gate arms, miscellaneous parts. If you need it, we mostly likely have it in stock.

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