We put our name and reputation behind every access control solution that TEM Systems installs or services. We have been choosing to do security the right way for over 60 years and we are striving to improve everyday. TEM Systems provides the highest level of support in the industry to get your equipment back in operation. Whether it is on-site or remote service, we are fully committed to ensure that your system is continually secure and you are satisfied with the service from our support team.

When you think of support, you think of...

  • Friendly
  • Communication
  • Reliable
  • Responsive
  • Proactive
  • Value

When we think of support, we think of...

  • YOU!

We are...

Whether is our support team answering your call, our service technician meeting you on-site, or management team following up with you, you can expect a friendly team member. Each on us is committed to your protection and to living the TEM Systems values and the legacy our Founder, Richard Roether, instilled in us since the first day our doors opened.
A majority of the calls we receive are during a time that our customers are in a frenzy because their system is not working properly, so communication is extremely important.
  • Our support team asks the right questions to better understand the situation during the initial call
  • Our support team proactively updates our customers with our estimated time of arrival
  • Our technicians will confirm the issues when arriving on-site and report their findings prior to leaving
  • Our support team will keep in touch on any orders that need to be shipped
  • Our support team will follow up after the service call is complete to ensure your issue is resolved
Any company can offer a one year manufacturing warranty, but we take it a step further by offering a one year warranty on labor for all new installations. All service calls also come with a 30 day warranty on the parts and labor.
The same way we all want the electric company to react when the power goes out is the same way we react when our customers call to put in a service call when their security system has issues. Please call us as soon as you identify an issue so we can input your service call into our system. Our customer support team schedules all service calls based on the order they are received and the type of service contract our customer has. We strive to resolve all issues as soon as possible with the resources available to us. We cross train our installation technicians and dispatch our managers to help manage emergencies and increased call volume. We monitor the inventory activity so we can stock all service vehicles with the correct parts and quantity.

All of our service technicians are provided their call schedule by 4:00 pm each day. A high percentage of calls are responded to by the next business day or within two business days.
Our technicians are training in repairing issues as well as identifying potential issues. During every service call our technician not only address the issue reported, but they take a proactive approach by making the necessary adjustments, performs a cleaning, and lubricating that piece of equipment.

Our support team and management team review activity reports each week in a proactive approach to identify customers that could have on going issues due to equipment malfunction, technician misdiagnosis, customer usage problem, etc. We look for potential problems to address them as soon as possible because our goal is to keep our customers up and running as much as possible. This issue could occur before they know it.
Value is the level of service provided to you for the price you pay. We've been in business since 1957 by delivering the highest level of service in the industry at competitive prices. We train our technicians efficient resolve the customers issues on the first call to reduce the down time our customers and limit the hours they are charged. Additionally, we can cut out the distributor by purchasing a majority of our parts directly from the manufacturer and passing the savings on to our customers.

Service Support Options

Security System Support

Standard Service

Our standard service is an hourly rate Monday - Friday during normal business hours (8:30 am - 5:00 pm). Standard Service calls are dispatched in the order they are received with exception to the customers with Preferred Client Agreements.

Preventative Maintenance Inspections

Our PMI agreement is a low cost proactive approach. This agreement includes two preventative maintenance checks. A technician check each piece of equipment listed on the agreement and provide you with a full status report of the equipment along with a list of necessary repairs. Our goal is to report to you any hidden issues before they bring down your system. Additionally, our technician will clean, lube, and tighten the parts of your alarm, surveillance, access control or integrated security system.

Emergency Service (24/7)

We have technicians scheduled to be on call 24/7 365 days per year, so we are available whenever you need us. Please note that there is a surge charge for this service.

Preferred Client Agreements

We also understand that our customers have a budget, so we developed best value for our customers through a Preferred Client Agreement. Not only does this help save our customers money, it helps them manage their budget and it gives them the piece of mind that their access control equipment is our responsibility.

Key benefits include:

  • No charge for Parts and Labor Due to Malfunctions or Normal Wear*
  • Preferred Response Times over Non-Agreement Clients
  • Two (2) Preventative Maintenance Inspections Per Year
  • 15% Discount on Parts and Labor
  • 25% Discount on Database Maintenance
  • 10% Discount on any Additional Training Needs
  • No Charge Loaner Equipment
  • Two Hours Free Telephone Support

*Damages related to Electrical Surges, Lightening Strikes, Vandalism, Car Accidents, Etc. are not covered by this agreement.

Software Support

Telephone Software Support

Telephone Software Support provides the customer instructional conversation to solve a problem at the community site over the phone. The support service requires the use of community personnel.

Online Software Support

Online Software Support provides an enhanced level of support. A GateHouse representative upon notification of a problem would have access to the GateHouse visitor management software system to resolve the problem without the involvement of community personal. The connection methods can be direct connect over a standard telephone line, or Internet connection (Dialup, ADSL, T1).