Over 60 Years of Experience

No matter how large or small the project, following the right process will give all stakeholders the best opportunity to produce the right results. We have developed and improved our process over the past 60+ years to ensure that your project is a success in every aspect.

Phase 1: Consultation

Our systems Consultants start by listening to you explain your concerns and your expectations. Please anticipate a lot of questions! Our goal during the Consultation Phase is to translate your concerns and expectations into a Scope of Work that becomes the security solution you have been looking for. By requiring your review and approval of the Scope of Work, we ensure we are providing a security solution that is exactly what you are looking for, preventing frustrations in the future.

Phase 2: Design

Our systems Consultants and systems Engineer will begin working together to create the initial design and proposal. The main priority is to ensure that the system reflects the Scope of Work, is functional and meets all the necessary standards and codes. We involve additional team members among various departments during this design stage to review and approve all aspects of the system.

Phase 3: Proposal

Once our team has approved a design that solves the security concerns and expectations that were presented to us during the Consultation Phase, our systems Consultant will provide you with a custom solution at a great value, without removing the integrity of the system design or the core values that we have followed since 1957. Our access control solutions are designed to be effective in helping you provide a safe environment for your family, your residents, your employees, and your assets.

Phase 4: Installation

After you have reviewed and approved the Proposal, our installation team and support team are ready to install your custom security system!

Phase 5: Training

Once the system is installed, we want to make sure that all stakeholders have a complete understanding of how it works and how to use it. We welcome you to invite as many people as you need and feel free to record the training session for future reference.

Phase 6: Support

Whether it is proactively maintaining the equipment we install, responding to an emergency service call, or ensuring that the administrative details are worry-free, we have a team member ready to serve you. We consider all customers long-term partners, so we take a long-term approach to every solution we provide. We have a team to support you in every aspect of your new system, providing a hassle-free approach: One Call, One Vendor.

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